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lygia clark


I like how he create the relationship and connection of people by using pair of goggles that restrict the visual field of the people and force an eye-to-eye exchange through a series of mirrors that distort their vision. In this piece of work, Clark merges concrete examples of performance, interactivity and dialogism. For Clark, the object becomes “a mere vehicle for bodily experience and exists only in relation to the body that holds (or interacts) with it.” The black and white photograph shows and give attention to viewers. Monochrome is one of the popular style in photography, exclude the colours can easily focus on the main figure and shape of the work. 2018-07-01 下午11.55.03.png.2

Dialogue goggles, 1968

hand made


It was a photo that I took in Tate Modern a few months ago. 

Bruce Nauman uses casts of his own hands to explore the act of the physical communication.

Pecha Kucha

Zao Wou-Ki

thereupon why I think he influenced me a lot is because he is one of the first artist who try to mix the asian tradition with European abstract art. In his early life, he influenced by Western modernism and the work of the Impressionists and Expressionists. It was after his move to Paris that his paintings began to shift towards abstraction. By 1971, however, he had returned to the brush-and-ink technique in which he was trained in China. He connected with the Chinese roots, Chinese tradition and landscape. It change the way of doing oil painting. A lot of more free movement inspired by chinese ink painting. 



Zaha Hadid

Her architectural style had strong visual effect, with the concept of deconstruction, breaking the tradition of many inherent architectural logic, avant-garde with a futuristic curve design. 

In my opinion, the way how she design a building is different than other architect. Not only the outline of the building is much different than other, but also how she shows the movement of the architecture by using line, angle, even shadow is one of her tool. 

2018-07-10 下午4.14.02.png

Riverside Museum, Glasgow, Scotland (2004–2011)


Santiago calatrava

 For the project, we are trying to combine the elements of architecture with fine art. Santiago Calatrava is a Spanish architect, sculptor and painter. He seamlessly merged architecture, art, and engineering. And also, He can design in response to unique climates by an appreciation for environmental context as illustrated by the dynamic shell of the new Innovation. Moreover, how he turn the design model into a actual object had been considered accurately.


2018-07-10 下午4.24.40.png

Bodegas Ysios winery in Laguardia, Spain (1998–2001)

2018-07-10 下午4.23.09.png

hand made

Yuichi Ikehata

The style of Yuichi Ikehata is colourless and frigidity. The ideas of memories are not completely in your mind, so the fragmentary picture is how I create. “Unfinished, broken and poorly made objects give the viewer something to think about. He combine his work with digital for achieving more reality. The materials his used are wire, clay, paper which something with black and white. Moreover, he combines the technique of photoshop into his work which makes me want to add the new technology into my own creation. I was inspired by the ways of how Yuichi Ikehata created his hands, so I am going to make two hands that show the similarity and differences.2018-07-02 上午12.03.28.png.1

 Yuichi Ikehata, ‘Fragment of Long Term Memory” 2014-15

hand made


Pecha Kucha

Alex Webb

Webb is a Magnum photographer who uses strong colors, light, and emotion to capture beautifully complex images. Each of his works allows the viewer to have a lot of different feelings, mysterious, complex, staggered, rich, full, colorful, wandering. Alex Webb's work is known for its complex composition, but it seems logical.

From his works, I learn how the composition effects the feeling of the work. Through a strong foreground, mid-ground, and background. The great thing about this is that it leads you (the viewer) to invite yourself into the frame. You enter the frame by looking at the things closest to you, and then you slowly make your way into the mid-ground, and then slowly out into the background. So, I will take how Alex Webb's skills into my painting in order to create a complex frame. I should take more photographs by using nature environments and observe the new things.91220C5F-6D18-422C-A434-960339A01F27.jpg

USA. New York City. 1983. Coney Island.


El Lissitzky

He was an Russian artist who create major figure in both Suprematism and Constructivism. In this work, the ladder of vividly colored forms combining the space and the thin line is like the support of the whole artwork. I like how the negative space are complicated by the light color that divides these forms from the grey shape. And also, the abstract and chance form create the balance of the composition. I’m going to take the idea of Constructivism for this project.

2018-07-10 下午4.11.06.png

Untitled — 1919-20 oil on canvas



Book: John Latham Canvas Events, 1994

My object in the museum section is a firing letter written by the principal from Saint Martin's School of Art, the recipient is an artist called John Latham which unable to teach in the school at 1967. I decided to do some research of his works and I got inspired by the structures, I think it link with both fine art and architecture. we would like to working on the fabric and playing with the shape of the canvas.