20 JUN 2018

Today, I had my first tutorial in the evening. The results from the tutors are actually not really positive. Although they told me I have a good interaction with the pizza family which means I have a good starting point, I still need to enhance my concept in a deeper way. I was focusing on how to link my photography to my work, so I didn’t think about the concept. I was only focus on the shape and turn it into an abstract form. When the tutor ask me why do I want it be abstract, i couldn’t answer it because I didn’t even think about this. I learn that each decision have to be consider and meaningful. But after the tutorial, I understand the concept and process is very important in this project because the final work would be the proposal that has the power to persuade people. It would not going to be an actual work. Next time, I need to fully understand and read the brief carefully before I develop my work. Different project expecting me to create and learn different things.

26 JUN 2018

Today, I did the coasting workshop for a whole day. Although it was so exhausted, it get some amazing results of my plaster work. Because my concept is about relationship so I took two objects that represent male and female. A old shoes stepping on a woman’s butt which could telling the story of something. But I think the part that I need to improve is that how to show the concept deeply. I think I could broke the corner of the butt which show that the relationship could be abandon.


27 Jun 2018

I found that the group tutorial today is effective and useful. As a group, it was easy to concentrate on other students’ work and give feedback on it. Sometime is good to have big critique in order to see how the most of people do for the particular project. But is was hard to cover all the works and sometime people get distracted. During the group tutorial, I felt comfortable to give advice and feedback on other people’s works. For my project, I have a good starting concept. But I have made only two outcome which is not enough. What I need for the project is be experimental and quick test so I could inspire by them.


11 Jul 2018

My object in the museum section is a firing letter written by the principal from Saint Martin's School of Art, the recipient is an artist called John Latham which unable to teach in the school at 1967. When I first read the letter, I felt that the purpose of the letter is a way to cover embarrassment because it was unfriendly to fire an artist who would like to support the school. But when I share my thought to other people, they are quite surprising about my thought.

I decided to do some research of his works and I got inspired by the structures, I think it link with both fine art and architecture. we would like to working on the fabric and playing with the shape of the canvas. 







22 JUN 2018

Today is the deadline of our project, I spend the morning on my sketchbook. I had a tutorial with another tutor which is different than the one I had yesterday. After the tutorial on Tuesday, I keep trying to develop new idea, so I did a lot of research about the particular pasta I order in the restaurant. The mushroom pasta is invented from a town in Italy called Norcia. Unfortunately, the old building was destroyed by an earthquake in 2016. I was planing to extend my work base on this story. But when I did a tutorial today, the tutorial told me that the idea is bad and he actually like my first idea of abstract painting. Also, during the group critique, my group mates are so in love with the earthquake ideas with different textures of the buildings. It really confuses me because everyone has different opinions and is very subjective. So, I talked to a tutor and he told me that sometime I don’t need to fellow tutors advices, the only thing is my work needs to become better. I think this conversation really help me.

6 Jul 2018

I enjoyed the short drawing project for today even though I missed the first lesson. I quickly selected some of the exercises on the brief and got inspired by the negative space, tape and also the one to draw on unconventional surface. The point that I have to improve is that I need a strong concept. Before the critique, I think I don’t have any concept for the outcome because I just want to experiment with different techniques even put the technique oh Chinese ink painting into my work. However, at the beginning of the critique, my group came out lots of different ideas and meanings of my works and how they felt my work convey the atmosphere. I think it is why critique is important not only to present the work to other people, but also understand how the audience feel about my work. Also, I think the large size of work could attract people's attention. Some of the students have great skills and concepts, but the outcome was not interested because the size is too limited. For this outcome, I wanted to really put myself, so I combined 4x A1 size papers as a piece of canvas. According to the feedback, my outcome is very successful.


24 jul 2018

For my project, I decided to show the stimulating moment that affect by external elements. The theme is very hard to present and everyone has there own opinions. After I discussed with tutor and peers, I felt that I need to bring my personal contacts into my work. The theme is too broad and flossy now, if I build the connection with my own experiences, the work would become more impressive and meaningful. For example, the moment that suddenly charge my mood is the first cigarette in the morning after I did not sleep for the whole night. There was a period of time when I broke up with him, I was like a person without soul and express my emotions in every nights, sitting in the dark, alone. The moment when I saw the sunup in the morning means that I spent the whole night of sadness. The little things could change my emotions dramatically and remind me those past days. So I think self-reflecting is every important for this project.

8 Aug 18

I went to 3D workshop with no ideas and sketches this afternoon. I felt I have a bit behind, so I don’t want to miss any workshop. I started to create wood strips by learning how to use the wood cutting machine. And that combine them as squares. I had made three different size of squares today. However, I felt a bit stress of putting the three squares into my work, so I keep drawing designs and compositions. But after I made a discussion with tutor, the idea of combing unusual things with regular shapes(square) is quite interesting. So I might try to break the regular outline by using other shapes. Also, keep putting myself to explore sometime that I’m unfamiliar with, the feeling of unaccustomed during my creation is another way to present my theme; the unsettle atmosphere. So I would like to try at least three things that I never try before such as films, sounds, something works in the whole room.

unit 7

I started to think about to combine sounds and rhythms into my work. However, I don’t want to use the sounds from somewhere else, so I want to cooperate with people who knows how to use software to create sounds. So I try to describe the feeling that I want to create for the rhythm. The sounds should be no melody and different tones. The rhythm should not be the same because I want to create the unsettle atmosphere. I’m inspired an artist called Ryoji Ikeda. He working across both visual and sounds. After we discussed a whole, we made out first and sent version of the sounds. The area that I think we could improve next time is the best should be a little bit of faster and changed.

12 Aug 18

This morning at 8:30, I was doing my first filming at the balcony with my friend. The reason I want to do it in the morning is because I want to show the morning sunrise. Unfortunately, this video isn't very success because the timing wasn't current. The outcome is too bright and clear. The elements that I think I had achieved is the impression of the character. The girl in the video created the messing hair on purpose and remove all the make up and even contact lenses to present absent-minded haggard. I am planning to do another one at 5:30 in the morning in the weekend. However, at the same time, I would try to edit it by use Premiere pro to see if It would help or not. I believe after I add the sounds and make adjustment with sounds, the video would improved. 

2018-08-13 上午1.24.40.png

21 JUN 2018

After the tutorial, I started to re-consider the concepts and the meanings for the project. I started to look at the details and trying to find one part that can be extend and turn it into my work. The part I felt interested in is the pasta that I ordered in the restaurant  is invented from Norcia which is a small town in Italy.  Unfortunately, Norcia have been destroyed by an earthquake in 2016. The chief said it is important for them to keep this spacial food. I felt that the spirit of keeping traditions is what I think the most important thing for Archway. As I know, Archway is a place that gather different cultures. I would like to make a proposal that for the lose Norcia and also convey the important of keeping traditions.

28 JUN 2018

I did a comparison chart that show the similarity and differences in a relationship. After that, I spend the whole day working in the workshop and made a fantastic results which strongly linked with my concept. For this project, I want to make the outcome that has both similarity and differences. So I made a hand by using Alginate and plaster. I broke the fingers by mistake because the Alginate was quite old. But suddenly I came out an idea. I made another hand by using wire and then combined the broken fingers with the wire. I think I always do work in a safety way and limit myself sometimes. From this mistake, l learnt that sometime it is good to try in different way and make something imperfectly, the unexpected work might come out some new ideas.


9 Jul 2018

For this new project “Co-create”, my peer is an architecture student. At the beginning, I felt a bit confused what to do with our outcome, but when we started to draw some quick ideas by change and then turn the shapes into an architectural object. We found that turn the drawings into three dimensional structures is very interesting. I like how little and easy idea can impact on our work. I felt that how to extend and explore ideas from an easy concept to a complex, deep thinking work is important.

I love working by chance which is a very important ability for fine artist to create atmosphere and emotion through out the brushstrokes. I am surprised that how little and easy it is, but it actually created a strong effect and gave us the direction of the final outcome. We decided to create an outcome that is full of structures. 

 Sometime, I am too struggling with how to develop ideas in a unique way, then forget what is more important for each individual project. I think every project have different focus. For instance, “Celebrating Archway” is more focus on the meaning behind a piece of work. However, this project “Co-created” is more about communicating with peer and combining the techniques in different disciplines.

18 Jul 2018

Today, we were doing the Pecha Kucha presentation in a small group. I am not very satisfied for my speech after all my group mates finished their speeches. I did explain all the slides, but I felt like I did not put passion in my speech. I spent lots of time doing my Power Point, the content is abundant, the reference is clear, and it also cover everything. But the presentation is not attractive. I could say that some of the students in my group did not spent time on their Power Point, but their speech was clear and easy to understand. My speech is calm and quite and also boring in some of the part. I think is because I was the first one doing presentation, so there is no sample of how to present. But after my first presentation, I understand that the passion and emotion in the speech would effect on the audiences. I need to overcome the nervous by practicing again and again even though it was hard.

3 Jul 2018

The feedback of the individual tutorial for today was quite useful. The works that I had made are good but I need to work on my sketchbook more. I think the quality of the drawing is good but I haven’t had much quick idea drawing. Sometime I think drawing without thinking is inspiring and useful for the further development. I often think of the layout of the page instead of putting ideas into my sketchbook. I enjoy making 3D works and had the ability. So I need to improve the way of showing my sketchbook and generate all the ideas together.


23 jul 2018

I use to get theme and project from someone else, it was how the A-level education works. Today is an opportunity to select themes that I really interested in. In fact, It wasn’t that easy to decide a theme especially the theme that I need to work on for the rest of the lesson. Initially, I started to think about relationship and emotions, but I feel the theme is too common and broad. So I started to look some articles in the news and I found some of the news are quite interesting. There is one article says that most of the coke’s funs can accurately determine Pepsi and Cola cola. So I started to look at the datas of those two coke, I think it inspired me to look at the differences of similar objects. When I told my tutor that I want to create an installation and combine with films, he suggest that I think about the concept first. The mature creating process is developing that idea base on the theme in terms of decided the format of the final outcome straight away. As I just said, I want to make an installation, but is an installation the best way to present my theme?

When I told my tutor that I want to create an installation and combine with films, he suggest that I think about the concept first. The mature creating process is developing that idea base on the theme in terms of decided the format of the final outcome straight away. As I just said, I want to make an installation, but is an installation the best way to present my theme?

26 jul 2018

I am investigating the external elements that break our daily routine and life circle. I was think about doing the unusual elements discovered in our life, but I felt that it was scattered. I went to White Cube to visit the show called Memory Palace. I was inspired by the concept of memory defines us. I think memory has always recovered from trauma. The trauma would be healed by time, but is really be remain while people affected by some particular external elements. Memory always combining by several fragments, for this project, I am planing to make a film by presenting this idea. 

1 Aug 18

FullSizeRender 2.jpg

Today, we are doing the contextual practice. I felt this section is could effectively clarify what is in my head. Although each section only have about 2 mins, but it really push myself to decide what is most important what is less important for the concept. After a whole week thinking about the theme and concept, having a lot of different fragment of ideas, but I wasn’t sure how to combine those elements together. In this section, it divided the theme into different areas such as personal context, political, history, etc. I was very into the personal context section because in my point of view, it is important that artist link the personal context to their works. I believe that if you want to make a strong impact to the audiences, the artists need to affect themselves. So I need to find my story for the work.


6 Aug 18

I finally finished my last version of my proposal. The theme changed from stimulating to transition which makes more sense because the stimulating is more about some actual activity that shocked you; as an egg hit you face or a unexpected thunder. On the other side, transition is about how things changed from a to b. For this project, I want the discover the moment how I changed my feeling. But how to let the audience understand my personal feeling by watching my work is what I need to experiment now. I want to combine sounds and films into my work. To make the immersive installation that full of the elements that doesn’t match with each other. I would like to record my first film tomorrow. I plan to use tripod to settle to camera and focus on facial expression. I would like to find a girl who doesn’t wearing makeup and with oily wet hair, so I need to plan the whole process before Tomorrow.

10 Aug 18

Today our aim is to test to early design ideas by making maquette. I started to think about working in space. So I moved all the my stuff to downstairs besides that computer room. This little changed gives my a lot of inspiration. When I overlaps my squares in the corner of the white room, the different size of square create the depth of the work. So I start to ask myself, what happen if I make 20 more of this? I could hang them with fishing lines in the middle of the room and play with the shape or display them surround the room the represent the time circle( so they will be 24 squares to present 24hours a day). I haven’t think of the colour of the squares yet but I think they should definitely works well will films, sound and light. Changing working location will be a good way when I don’t have any ideas in the future.